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RealTechPros PROTECT


About RealTechPros Protect

RealTechPros Protect provides small businesses, entrepreneurs, independent contractors, freelancers, non-profits & home office workers with essential cyber security protection that they need to stay safe and keep focused on their business. Additionally, these users can enjoy a level of IT systems administration, normally only available to larger organizations, to perform operating system critical patch updates on a monthly basis and performance monitoring. Join us!

Did You Know: Cyber crime is the #1 global criminal moneymaker...
and small businesses are their most attractive target.

When you add on our Protect Plan you will get all of these great features:

Managed Anti-Malware Service: Most people know that they should have an antivirus program running, but all antivirus programs are not created equal, and few of them have someone keeping an eye on your computer. Our service offers one of the best anti-malware solutions available, and monitored by RealTechPros.
Ransomware Active Threat Detection: Our goal is to ensure that you can not only recover from a cyber attack, but to help stop one from ever occurring. Our Ransomware Active Threat Protection will seek out malicious actions running on your computer and stop them, with over 99% success. Ransomware is currently the scourge of the Internet with the average ransom now over $100k, regardless of the victim’s business size. (Note: This feature is only available on Windows OS.)
Content Filter to block malicious websites: We’ll protect you or your team members from malicious or inappropriate websites so you can stay focused on your business. (Note: This feature is only available on Windows OS.)
Performance Troubleshooting Service: We can often use our remote diagnostic tools to work to stabilize or resolve the problem.
Monthly Operating System Patch Updates: Missing critical updates, especially from the operating system, greatly increases your chances of becoming a victim of a cyber attack or virus. We can patch your computer monthly for any critical updates released by the manufacturer.
Application Patching service: Applying critical updates to your operating systems is important, but so is patching your applications. We can remotely patch most commonly used applications, further reducing your risk of becoming a victim of a cyber attack.
Endpoint Performance Monitoring: We’ll keep an eye on your computer’s performance and intercede when needed.
Monthly Patching & Performance Reports: Not only will you have confirmation that the updates we applied, you’ll have tangible evidence you can present to an auditor as many regulations such as PCI or HIPAA consider this a table stakes.
Critical IP Device Monitoring (up to 5): We will monitor your website, cloud server, your office’s internet connection or other remote endpoint and alert you when we see an interruption. We can also monitor a website for errors and report those to you.

Our Plans Have a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you are not satisfied, for any reason, within the first 30 days of service, we will fully refund you 100% of your order.

Did You Know: The Home Depot & Target breaches were the result of compromised small business vendors that provided them services.

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