Strategic Technology Adviser

Our experienced technology leaders will provide you with their trustworthy strategic guidance and expertise on technology matters to help you achieve your business goals, all without harming your budget.

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If you have questions about this service, please click here to schedule a meeting or call us at 302-486-3000.

About This Service:
As a business owner, you have the responsibility to make the business more successful. One of the key challenges you have is knowing how technology in the marketplace can support your strategic business objectives. Larger firms will often have a CIO to support them with this, but smaller firms often either stagnate until the business owner has time to invest to do the research themselves, or worse they look to implement a solution that is unproven, often causing an increase in effort, cost and time spent on the initiative. With White Clay Technology’s Strategic Technology Adviser service, you will have the expertise of a CIO available to you who will understand your business objectives and help guide you to the right technology solution to solve your business needs and goals.

Key Deliverables:
A monthly or quarterly video conference with a WCT Associate CIO to:
– Understand your business goals for the next year
– Discuss, review & prioritize your technology objectives in alignment to your business goals.
– Discuss current technology needs and challenges.
– Track & discuss progress of any open initiatives.
– Discuss any open topics from prior conversations.

Additionally we will:
– Perform any requisite research needed to identify the best solutions to solve the outlined needs.
– Provide recommendations on how best to proceed following the completion of research.
– Setup a task board setup to jointly track any initiatives.
– Provide unlimited email communication on strategic questions about your technology needs.
– Build a partnership that provides you trust and value.
Note: The strategic advisory service does not include execution any of the recommendations. In-depth project planning is also out of scope. These actions would need to be scoped out as part of a separate engagement.

This is a monthly/annual recurring revenue service and will continue until canceled.