Small Business Cyber Security Check Up


Unlike larger firms, most small businesses do not have the time, knowledge or budget to mount an adequate defense against cyber crime, yet they are increasingly the target of cyber attacks. Our proprietary check up provides small business owners with a sensible approach to evaluate their cyber security risk.

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About This Service:
This is a foundational service that lets small business owners know where they stand against the risk of becoming a casualty of cyber crime. Small businesses often lack the necessary defensive measures and knowledge of larger firms which is making them an easier, and more appealing target for cyber crime. Additionally, many cyber insurance carriers are now requiring their clients to prove they are taking adequate defensive measures in addition to insurance alone. Cyber crime is the top global criminal moneymaker and it shows no signs of slowing down. Understanding your risk is the first step towards improving your company’s cyber security posture.

Key Deliverables:
– Our proprietary Small Business Cyber Security Check Up service. We will perform an informal assessment (where we will review and analyze evidence with your team’s assistance, but not collect it) on 70+ aspects of cyber security.
– We will perform a Vulnerability Scan of the IP Address for your main office and provide you with a business friendly interpretation of the results.
– We will provide you with a report of our findings from the check up and provide you a score with recommendations & tips on how to improve your cyber risk posture.
– We will provide you a certificate of completion for you to share with your clients, your vendors, and/or your cyber insurance carrier.